Residential Christmas Lights Installation

Every home is unique, which is why JVS Christmas Lighting avoids a one size fits all approach to our Christmas light hanging service. We are full of creative ideas and know how to make your home stand out with lots of curb appeal. We will handle your holiday design, installation & takedown needs so you can enjoy the holiday season without the hassle.

Let JVS Christmas Lighting professional Christmas light hangers remind you just how magical the Christmas season can be. We have a large variety of pre-designed setups for you to choose from, but we also perform custom lighting jobs up to your specifications. We will work directly with you to make your holiday display idea come to life this season. Transform your home into a winter wonderland for everyone to enjoy in a few easy steps.

st2CLIPAWhy Choose Us?

Professional Design & Installation
Property-Friendly Techniques & Equipment
Scheduled In-Season Maintenance
Timely Post-Season Removal
Fully Licensed & Insured

st2Christmas Light Package includes:

Our Trained Designer will give you an onsite Free Consultation and Quote.
When you approve the design we will install your approved project including all the lights.
Tech Support is always included and covers every bulb, every strand for the entire season.
After the season is over we will return and carefully remove the lights and box them up.

st2Life Size Figurines

Adding large lit and life-size forms is a fun way to make a statement to your entrance or display. We carry a large assortment of characters such as soldiers, nutcrackers, deer, angels, and other holiday figurines.

Life Size Figurings
Life Size Figurings
Life Size Figurings

st2Daytime Decor

Garlands, wreaths, and bows around doorways, arches, and columns offer a festive daytime look. Miniature lights bring these decorations to life a night.

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st2LED Light Technology

JVS Christmas Lighting primarily uses energy saving super bright LED lights in our lighting designs. Our professional grade LED lights come in vibrant colors with high-quality components while saving up to 90% of electricity costs.

As the true innovators JVS Christmas Lighting has decorated clients in Bergen County and Rockland County, NY. We have developed a client friendly approach which provides you a variety of decorating options. We will work with you to create a knockout design that enhances your property’s best features. We will take all the necessary steps to ensure that your holiday display is installed correctly and then we’ll check in to maintain the integrity of the design throughout the season. There is no limit on how you can show your Christmas spirit and JVS Christmas Lighting makes it easier than ever to enjoy your holidays with your friends and family.

st2Ground Lighting

Stake lighting adds the lower spectrum to your lighting program by outlining walks, beds, and driveways. These lights illuminate pathways and glow beautifully through the snow.

Ground Lighting
Ground Lighting
Ground Lighting
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st2We Provide Our Clients With:

JVS Christmas Lighting will evaluate and map your property, listen to your unique desires and then create a Christmas lighting and decorating plan that accents the best features of your home. We will walk you through the design process and can answer any and all questions you may have. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority and we take pride in making your Christmas dreams come true. Our Christmas Clients are #1 and make us the best in Christmas Decorating.

Each installation is unique – our installations address the features that are specific to your property. We use a variety of techniques to make sure your property is not damaged, including a series of property – friendly clips and fasteners. Installations are scheduled at a convenient time, and our friendly installation crews handle everything.

We want your property to look great all season long and we go to great lengths to ensure it does so. We are interested in building long lasting client relationships. There are things that can happen to lights for a variety of reasons, including wind, rain and other unforeseen circumstances. If this occurs, our professional staff will return to troubleshoot whatever problem exists quickly and efficiently. We do ask you unplug your lights during times of bad weather to minimize interrupted service.

Even though the holiday season will end, that doesn’t mean our service does! After the New Year we will come back and take down the decorations and make sure that your property is in as great of shape as when we started. Taking down the displays is part of our service, and it’s included in the quote we provide for you before we start work. In most cases we take down all lights between January 2nd – January 31st. We will mark and label the items we used to decorate your home do a post season inspection and store them throughout the off season. By doing this, the products used for your home will be perfectly ready to be reinstalled for you next year! Any decorations worn are replaced free with our lease agreement.

st2Support-100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee every bulb and every strand for the entire season. The first thing you should consider when hiring a contractor to install your Christmas Lights is what type of guarantee they offer. We will respond to your call within 24 hours to trouble shoot a circuit or replace bulbs at no additional cost. We provide all the lights necessary to complete the job. We can only guarantee and warranty lights and workmanship that we provide. Our success depends on your satisfaction, and we will make changes if you desire them, at an additional cost. You deserve the best customer service. Lets work together to make this season a memorable one. The Christmas Season goes by so fast, don’t trust just anyone to keep you online and shining bright. If our materials fail any time before December 23rd, we will be there within 24 hours to fix it. (excluding Sundays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Guarantee does not cover accidental or deliberate damage by people, plants, or animals or wind or hail damage. Additional charges may apply for service calls related to accidental or deliberate damage. General reminder to unplug all devices during rain or snow. Electricity does not like water.) Request a quote right now and have it within 24 hours.

st2Why Should You Work With JVS Christmas Lighting

You should work with us because we have a track record of successful service and an ever growing loyal and long-standing customer base. We pride ourselves on our ability to make your display stand out among the rest, and our professional team will make sure that your display is tasteful, decorative and properly maintained. There are many reasons why you should choose us for your decorating needs. Our company has years of experience in the field of decorating homes, businesses and commercial properties. With this experience comes reliability, knowledge, service, and a very high level of quality that is hard to match. Our world class client service is second to none. You can rest assured that every effort is being made to ensure 100% client satisfaction.