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Thank you for your interest in our service. We are an all rental program and we will create a program to suit you.

Designs & Estimates are free.

We will need to know a few things before we can begin:

  • What are your lighting tastes?
  • What color lights would you like?
  • Would you prefer classy or whimsical? Subtle or Extravagant?
  • Are you planning to entertain – family – young children – business associates?
  • Do you have a budget for us to work within?

Our program price is determined by the amount lights sets you choose, includes all the materials, the difficulty of the job, design, install, removal labor and the amount of work you want done labor.

We offer a one season program, if you think you are going to only use your lights for one or two seasons (this is a little more expensive than our 3 year lease as we need to custom cut all new material to fit the home then recycle it after removal.) 

Our three year which locks in your price per year for three decorating seasons saves you 15% vs. the one year, pending design tweaks or additional lighting zones. Many of our clients like to mix things up to keep it interesting!

We will provide all the lights, timers, ext cords, clips etc. everything required & remove them at the end of the Christmas season. We also offer accessories like pre lit garlands, wreaths, bows, spheres, and motifs.

We remove them at the end of the Christmas season beginning after Three Kings Day in January (or sooner if requested), we pack all decor for safe storage at our facility and any repairs or refurbishing that might be needed is done at no extra charge with our three-year lease.

Refurbishing is replacing old bulbs, fixing a section that might not be working, upgrade the timer, timer issues & refurbishing worn products etc…

The fun part begins when we meet!  Here’s your chance to take the reins for design and budget by selecting the lay out which is most appealing.

This is when we articulate over design, options, symmetry, color, balance and accent bringing the project to life for the perfect Christmas wonderland we do require someone to be home so you can show us exactly what you want done and choose the decor you like best. 

If you prefer you can email us pictures of your home or where you would like decorated. We need photos taken as a street view and 2-3 are perfect. 

Our owner will have an estimate for you in less than 24-48 hours depending on the work load.

  1. CHRISTMAS MADE EASY Enjoy safely decorating inside in the warmth of your home while listening to your favorite Christmas carols and leave the hard, dangerous work to us
  2. NO MORE STORAGE! No more tangled lines. No more lack of storage space. We label, organize, and store all decor safely at our storage facility!
  3. HOLIDAY DECORATING DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR Hanging lights is an awesome experience, but not everybody is able to do it. Climbing the ladder & accessing your roof can be dangerous work. So leave it to the pros, JVS CHRISTMAS LIGHTING
  4. ON TIME SERVICES Christmas light installation can be time consuming & your life is already busy enough with all the other chores you have to worry about. We’ll do the work and have your lights up on time!
  5. CREATIVITY YOUR WAY We’ll come to your home or business to discuss lights, colors, and suggest a design. We’ll work with you to create the perfect light display within your budget.
  6. THE PRICE & QUALITY IS RIGHT We only use high grade commercial quality lights and decor, which means a brighter and more professional appearance for you to be the star of the neighborhood!



Here at JVS Christmas Lighting, our priority is to provide our clients with high-quality holiday lighting services that ensure a season long enjoyment of your lighting products. Our seasonal warranty support our mission by including the install, seasonal warranty, removal at the end of the Christmas season, Secure storage of the products at our warehouse and annual refurbishing is all included.
Commercial Christmas Lighting
JVS Christmas Lighting is a certified Christmas Light Installation Professional VIEW CERTIFICATE


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