Can You Keep Christmas Lights on a Tree Year Round?

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Christmas Year-RoundOne question we get asked often is if we can leave the lights up year round on a tree. The answer depends on a couple factors. In most cases, we do not leave lights up in most trees that have a trunk and branch wrap. The reason is that when the tree continues to grow, the wiring of the lights begins to tighten around the trunk and stems, which can damage the tree.

If you have an evergreen tree, we do, in most cases leave the lights up year round. This is because the lights are not wrapped tight around the trunk and stems. Instead they are a little more loosely hung evenly around the branches and do not hurt the growth of the evergreen. If the tree is small, less than around 10 feet, we’ll remove the lights (normally). The only reason we leave lights up year round in most evergreens is to save some cost of installing them every year. It all depends on the wishes of our clients. The one problem we’ve run into leaving lights on any tree (especially an evergreen) is the potential for squirrels to eat through some of the wiring! If that happens, we just have to find that one strand of lights that is not working and replace it.

In some cases, a tree should be fine having lights on it for 1 full year. Yet, it is better to play it safe and remove the lights at the end of the Christmas season: 3-4 months max. If you live in the Bergen or Rockland County area and wish to receive a free estimate for wrapping and decorating your trees, bushes and home/business, reach out to us here!

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