The Optimum Window For Christmas Displays

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xmasdisplay“While classic, LED lights are still the most popular choice, the past few years have seen a resurgence of the use of color on Christmas displays,” said Joe Soccodato, president of JVS Christmas Lighting.

Each Christmas decorating project is unique – whether it’s a plan for an individual home, a business, or an office. “The architecture of the roof, walkways, unique building features, windows, entrances – all of these play a role in any Christmas lighting plan,” “But lights on the trees and shrubs that surround the property can really make the design ‘pop,’ especially when you work colored lights into the design. Some property owners request that we make every third bulb in a string red, or alternate three clear bulbs with two red bulbs. It’s a subtle change that can have a big impact.” I have custom strands called the JVS Candy Cane where the lights are red and white creating that classic candy cane look.

Whether you are a homeowner who wants to create a great environment to welcome family and to celebrate the Christmas season, or a business owner who wants to draw the attention of passersby and encourage shoppers to stop in and browse, a professional Christmas decorating firm can create a festive lighting and decorating plan that fits your budget and your style. The key is to schedule your Christmas display now.

The optimum window for Christmas display installations is a small one – beginning in October and wrapping up in early December – and the demand for these services is growing as more and more property owners turn the annual chore and stress of planning, installing, storing, refurbishing and replacing their Christmas decorations over to the professionals.

Each year, priority spots on installation calendars go to current clients, it’s important to lock in your appointment soon. Property owners who wait until they feel that nip in the air may find themselves turned away because schedules are full.

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