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JVS Christmas Lighting Interior Decorating

Our desire is to create an “extraordinary” holiday experience for you and your loved ones. Our service can really “un-complicate” and simplify your life. The lease quote you were given includes everything from lights, install and takedown, and storage. From our design and installation to our pro-active maintenance to our removal and storage of the decorations, JVS Christmas Lighting is your best choice! We know you want your home decorated correctly, promptly and with the greatest attention to detail – that’s exactly how we work.

Design Unique To Your Property
Property Friendly
Thorough Installation
Proactive Service and Maintenance
Convenient Take Down Service
One Line Sales & Specials

Trouble-Free Secured Storage
Flexibility Upon Renewal
Ability to Build Display Over Time
Annual Consultations
Year-round Decorators

JVS Christmas Lighting Interior Decorating

We look forward to YOU becoming one of our valued clients!

JVS Christmas Lighting Interior Decorating


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