JVS Decorated Outreach Program

Outreach ProgramOUTREACH PROJECT 2019:
JVS Christmas Lighting is planning our Christmas outreach project for 2019. We would like to find a hard working single mother and come install Christmas Lights on her home to help bring a little Christmas Magic to her & her family this holiday season.

We would also like to donate a gift for under their Christmas tree to each family member. We are a family owned company & with we know that family is so very important & watching those sweet faces Christmas morning opening their gifts is so priceless.

Please help us pick a family who could benefit from this. Use the form below to mail us the name why that family should be chosen.

Please keep that in mind when sending in applicants, we only service Bergen and Rockland counties. Thank you all for helping us reach our goal of helping a family make some great Christmas memories this season. Winner will be chosen for install in December.

Fill-in the email form below and submit